Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Broad brushing law enforcement misses the mark…

Remember your days in school when someone in class was acting up?  Teachers had various methods of restoring order.  Sometimes she wasn’t quite sure who it was, or didn’t want to call out the actual offender – but instead punished the whole class hoping to apply some form of “peer pressure.”

News flash!  That technique might have worked on a group of 5th graders but it is NOT an appropriate method to apply to the US population at large.

Yet that “broad brush” approach to solving a behavioral problem among a few individuals misses the mark in two ways:

1) It unfairly punishes the vast majority of citizens who follow the rules, and

2) It does not focus on those few (in the case of the US population fewer than 0.1% of the total population) who are the offenders in the examples provided below.

The elementary school disciplinary technique of punishing the whole class while ignoring the perps does not work when applied to a whole nation.

Three examples come to mind:  Airport security, school security and flying flags. 

In the case of airport security, we understood which tiny segment of our population was involved in hijacking aircraft.  We knew the personalities and predispositions of those who actually hijacked aircraft.  They were those who practiced the fundamentalist Islamic faith, they were of Middle Eastern decent, and they were typically males between 18 and 40 years of age.  See the source image

Yet what did we do?  We subjected EVERYONE who flew in planes to be subject to invasive body searches.  ENVERYONE! It’s as if everyone who used a plane for transportation was a threat, fully ignoring those who we knew actually were a threat.  Why?

In the case of school security, we understand which tiny segment of our population is involved in school shootings.  We know personalities and predispositions of those who actually carried out school shootings.  They were those less than 18 years of age, male, troubled, posting threatening messages on social media, often bullied, and from broken or abusive homes.  How difficult is it for individuals fitting that profile to be tagged, monitored and denied the sale of weapons?

Yet what do we do?  Many propose to subject EVERYONE who owns a gun or thinking of owning a gun to gun ownership and gun use prohibitions.  EVERYONE!  It’s as if everyone who owns a gun for protection or sport or hobby is a threat, fully ignoring those who we know actually ARE a threat.  Why?

Why?  Why, in these two examples, do politicians choose the broad brush approach, painting EVERYONE as potential hijackers or school shooters instead of identifying those who actually are?

This third example might provide a clue.

In the case of homeowners flying flags in local communities, the legal right to fly a flag offers some peculiar and unpleasant realities.  The examples provided apply only to those situations tested by the law.  Of course one could fly anything in a homeowners association if no one complains.

So here is the example: 

Flags are a form of speech subject to the first amendment.  So basically a flag depicting ANYTHING, a sports team, ISIS, the CRIPS, any nation, as well as the US flag, are all theoretically allowed under the law.  But HOA’s typically limit formal written permission of flags to the US flag only.  But we know other flags are flown without those “rules” being enforced.  Why?  Because if they were enforced the association would probably lose in court. 

Why would the association lose?  Because such enforcement would discriminate against a class of people and abridge their free speech.  You can’t discriminate against Satanists who might want their own flag.

You can’t “profile” and discriminate against a person who practices a fundamentalist Islamic faith from a Middle Eastern country who is male between 18 and 40 years of age.

Does this same “excuse” apply to refusal to “profile “ kids less than 18 years of age,  male, troubled, posting threatening messages on social media, often bullied, and from broken or abusive homes?  Would that be considered discrimination against a “class” of people who fit that profile?  After all, most troubled kids would probably not even consider shooting up their school.

So instead of assuring that kids who fit that profile are denied weapons and referred to a barely existing mental health system, we have those who insist on applying the “broad brush” and prohibit everyone from possessing weapons.

That, in a nutshell, is another terrible excuse to apply the “broad brush” that considers every evil to be entitled to first amendment protections.  That is the area where more thinking and refinement of the limits of the first amendment is appropriate. 

Just overly simplistically banning guns is another mindless, poorly consider approach to addressing school shootings that “misses the mark.”See the source image

Rationally and logically, keeping guns in the hands of those who are intent on SAVING LIVES to defend against those with guns who are intent on  TAKING LIVES is much preferred over making those intent on saving lives defenseless. 

Those intent on taking lives do not care if the weapon, whatever it is, was obtained legally or illegally or if a sign is posted prohibiting weapons on school property.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Government controlled redistribution…

Whether it’s “government-controlled redistribution of wealth” or “government controlled redistribution of goods”, it is wrong and counterproductive.

Government controlled redistribution of baby formula is even worse.

GOP rep says migrants sent ‘pallets’ of baby formula as American parents struggle to find supplies

To what extent is the governments redistribution of pallets of baby formula to illegal immigrants at least a partial contributor to the baby formula shortage in the US?

More HERE.

GOP rep says illegal migrants sent ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula

GOP rep says illegal migrants sent ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula | Fox News

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Rails to Trails: The sweetener on top of a dying nation

In small towns and large cities across the nation city planners have been touting their “great successes” in converting abandoned rail lines to recreational trails. That appears to be a great thing to do – make good use of miles of unused right of way for walking and bicycling.  Great!  Let’s recreate!

But on the other and, this is like making a BBQ pit from the leftover bricks from your bombed out house.  Sad, really.See the source image

No! Neither trails nor BBQ pits make things better – not compared to what was given up. They are both a misleading salve over a bad situation – the urban planning version of making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  But the poor pig is dead!  Like the violin music that helps lift the spirits just before the Titanic goes down.

And no, abandoned rail lines are not the result of advances in transportation or advances in technology. They are a sign of our economic decline.  We don’t yet have transponders that send kilotons of dry goods from point A to point B. Trucking is not the most cost effective mode of transportation for things we don’t produce anymore.

That’s the problem:  Things we don’t produce anymore.

With Nixon’s trip to China in 1972, we began to offshore production to reduce costs to American consumers. That was the beginning of the US transition from a producer nation to a consumer nation.  From a productive nation to a recreating nation – getting fatter, happier, and lazier as a result.

We thought that was great for over 50 years.  Cheaper stuff:  Yaaa!  More recreation:  Yippee! Fatter and happier:  You betcha!

But we were like the proverbial frog in the pot…the water temperature has risen.  And now we find ourselves beholden to nations we are beginning to fear for essential goods, from pharmaceuticals to electronic components. and a thousand other things most are yet unaware of.

So what happens when most of the products we depend on come from a nation we begin to fear and becomes one of our top three enemies? Is it too late to wean our way off our dependence on those wonderful lower prices and fill the void of strategically important components?

Rails to trails:  A symbol of a nation that got itself into an economic death spiral.


[A little levity:  Is it possible that the the 1961 song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was prescient, giving a coded economic/fiscal message with the lyric “Wimoweh” really meaning“wean our way” while the Lion sleeps. It was sung by The Tokens after all.  OK, very little.]

Saturday, March 05, 2022

The argument for doing A LOT more in Ukraine

Up till now, the US, NATO and all the nations of Europe have been intimidated by Russia from taking effective military action to help defend Ukraine. The West’s excuse to stand down:  “Oh, but Russia has nukes.”  So, when do we hand over the keys to our spooked and intimidate house? This is Russian nuclear blackmail.

Sure, allies have provided humanitarian assistance to refugees and belated shipments of armaments are being sent to Ukraine.  We have imposed “sanctions” against various aspects of Russia’s economy – which by the way – our government admitted could take months to have any significant impact. And even with that tepid response, Putin has declared these sanctions to be a “declaration of war.”

So, if these actions are already considered by Russia “a declaration of war”, while doing little to slow Russia’s advance, shouldn’t we do a hell of a lot more?

Yes.  Russia has nukes.  Does that give the West an excuse to ignore Russia’s killing of thousands in their reign of destruction upon innocent nations? How long will the West dally? Is the West to lay down and become militarily comatose?  It has become obvious to most who are paying attention that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a continuation of their advance toward their former USSR glory days.  Russia has already taken Georgia and a southern chunk of Ukraine (Crimea).  There are many more sovereign nations in Russia’s sights:  Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania, and Finland.

So, are there any good reasons to call Russia’s bluff, get a spine and militarily join the fight?

Here are the consequences of the West remaining unengaged militarily in Ukraine:

  • Russia continues its blitz, its bombardment, its killing and destruction of Ukraine.
  • The humanitarian crises worsens.
  • Russia is emboldened, knowing the West will do little to defend itself.
  • Russia continues on its trek to invade and consume other neighbor nations.
  • Seeing the West’s lack of resolve, China is emboldened to take over Taiwan and further advance in the Pacific.
  • The West endorses its own moral failure to defend other peaceful nations against unprovoked attack. We become complicit in our passivity.

Yes, NATO needs to establish a “no fly zone” over Ukraine.  Yes, NATO needs to destroy Russian columns threatening Ukraine’s cities.  Yes, the West needs to prepare for various counter attacks from Russia.

How about we stop being merely observers and commentators as if we were watching a bunch of Christians in the Roman Coliseum being slaughtered for sport.

Remaining passive during this sort of unprovoked attack on a peaceful neighbor is both a moral lapse and a precursor to Western suicide.

Post script:

There are those who are simply “hand-ringing”, asking “what can we really do? We can’t really do anything.”

There are those who are doing “as much as they can do” without “poking the bear”, meaning doing as little as possible while being substantially ineffective.

There are those who urge us to stay out of it, warning it is none of our business.

And there is a growing number saying we MUST act militarily, Russian intimidation be damned.

Which of these do I believe the Biden administration will follow?  All but the last.  They are too invested in the US becoming a 2nd world nation via their emphasis on “climate change”, killing fossil fuel production, promoting multiple genders, and open borders.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Ukraine: Moral Imperative Denied

Imagine, if you will, this neighborhood scenario:

A good friend of the neighborhood, but not a member of the neighborhood “Club” begins being pulverized by a thug from the adjacent neighborhood.

The neighborhood, in forming their “Club”, agreed that they would defend from outside bullies ONLY those who are in the club.  Since the “good friend” is not in the “club” the neighborhood merely stands by, watching, as they exchange predictions of how badly the thug will pulverize their “friend.”

Does it seem clear to you that, in spite of the fact that the good friend of the neighborhood is not in their “Club”, that the neighborhood has a moral obligation to defend their friend?

Is the neighborhood using the lack of club membership as an excuse to avoid confrontation with the bully?

If the neighborhood has that much fear of the bully, it makes you wonder if they would act even if a member of their own club was being pulverized.

This is the situation with NATO, the US, Ukraine, and Russia.

I have to ask:   Is NATO using Ukraine’s lack of membership in their “Club” as an excuse to deny their moral imperative to help a “friend” who is being pulverized?

If there was no NATO, would they feel more compelled to help their friend?

If NATO denies the clear [to me] moral imperative to help their “friend” because he is not a member, you have to be concerned about their resolve to help each other if one of their own was being pulverized.  This is especially true if their reason for not defending Ukraine is because of their fear of the bully – which is undeniably the case here.

If they are willing to sacrifice their non-member friend because of their fear of the bully, there is a good chance they would not defend one another due to the same fear.

Or is NATO a mere “protection racket”, the likes of an urban mafia that only protects the merchants that paid their protection money?

Here is the kicker to me:

The United States spent untold billions of dollars and untold thousands of lives over a 20-year period in Afghanistan training, defending, funding, equipping and fighting for a nation who’s people had a radically different culture, that didn’t really want us there, that disdained the values of the West, and which had no motivation to defend themselves, just going half-heartedly through deceptive motions, and whose leaders fled their nation days before its rapid fall.

Then we have Ukraine:  A friend, having as many shared values as any ally we have, an enemy of our enemy, having an uncanny will to fight to defend their freedoms and begging for our help while being pummeled by the overpowering bully next door.

And what does NATO do? Nothing.

What does the United States of freakin’ freedom loving ‘merica do? Not much.

Ukraine isn’t part of the “Club.”

The perfect excuse to pretend the “moral imperative” doesn’t exit.

The history books won’t treat these actions kindly – if freedom loving countries are even around to write them.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Russian government promotes “traditional values”; warns against immorality from the West

Who would have thunk it?

Most conservatives in the United States are, at this point in time, more likely to support Russian government policy rather than US government policy when it comes to culture and traditional values.

Here is the latest national policy coming out of Russia:

The draft text defines “traditional values” as “moral guidelines that form Russian citizens’ worldview, transferring from generation to generation, guaranteeing civil unity, forming the base of Russian civilizational identity and the nation’s unified cultural space, and manifesting uniquely and distinctly in the spiritual, historical, and cultural development of the multiethnic people of Russia.”

Wow!  What a concept.  Promoting “civil unity” over “diversity.”

Additional examples include

“…“life, dignity, human rights and freedom, patriotism, civic consciousness, service to the Fatherland and responsibility for its fate, high moral ideals, a strong family, creative work, prioritizing the spiritual over the material, humanism, charity, justice, collectivism, mutual support and respect, historical memory and continuity between generations, and the unity of the peoples of Russia.”

Why is Russia declaring these standards?  They are defending against the immoral filth from the West.  Here is more from their policy statement:

“The report claims, however, that these values are under threat from outside forces including terrorist and extremist organizations, multinational corporations, NGOs, and the US and its allies. Among the foreign ideas said to be invading Russia, the authors name egoism, permissiveness, “amorality,” and the refusal to grant Russia a positive place in history and culture.”

US conservatives have become subject to a government that does just the opposite of what Russia’s policy promotes.  Here is a list of what the US government has been promoting: 

  • Gender confusion and LGBTQP interests
  • Suppression of religious freedoms and traditional morality
  • Racist discrimination against the founders and our founding principles
  • Suppression of law enforcement; allowing lawlessness
  • Racism in the selection of government officials, e.g. Biden mandate that excludes all but blacks from Supreme Court consideration
  • Facilitation of unbridled, unvetted immigration by those who couldn’t care less about our founding principles
  • Erasing, ignoring or rewriting civics and US history in public education
  • Considering “patriots” a greater threat than illegal immigrants and others who have little regard for our nation.

My prediction:  Over the coming years, US government policy will, if it continues on its current course, result in less prosperity, influence, power and respect among nations than that of either China or Russia.  We are rushing into 2nd, and perhaps 3rd world status.

Our freedoms degrading into anarchy. Our history transformed into evil. Our morality morphing into irrelevance.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Crime and No Punishment…

Merry Christmas to all my 2 or 3 readers!  Sorry if I missed anyone…

Today I offer a guest article about a topic I’ve written about:  How the criminals and low life are given special privileges by our warped criminal justice minds.


Crime and No Punishment

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.

In the classic sitcom from the 1960s, “Get Smart,” the bad guys were from an organization called “Chaos.” The good guys, led by Maxwell Smart, were called “Control.”

Today, chaos is often prevailing over control. Only this isn’t a comedy, and the results are tragic.

We are experiencing a crime wave seldom seen in previous times in America.

Murders are up. ABC News notes: “At least 12 major U.S. cities have broken annual homicide records in 2021---and there's still three weeks to go in the year.” One police captain said it’s “worse than a war zone around here lately.”

But homicide isn’t the only crime that is way up. On “Black Friday,” when stores are supposed to have such strong sales because of Christmas (putting them in the black), many businesses were instead hit with a rash of smash-and-grab robberies across the country. Home Depots, Best Buys, Foot Lockers and others have been hit in places like San Francisco, Monterey, and Chicago. (11/27/21) reports, “Police are alerting businesses in Chicago to recent thefts of purses at retail shops….The thieves flee in vehicles, most of which were reported stolen.”

Fox32 of Chicago reports on a robbery over this past weekend, in which luxury jewelry items were stolen. Yet Mayor Lori Lightfoot apparently blames the companies hit. She recently said, “I'm disappointed that they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority.”

In early December, thousands of dollars’ worth of toys and other goods for Christmas were gathered by a non-profit in Chicago to help the underprivileged–and were stolen under cover of night.

When California Governor Gavin Newsom was on “The View,” Joy Behar, no friend of conservatives, told him, “Critics in law enforcement blame this on your lax bail and theft policies emboldening criminals.”

Newsom responded that the crimes like this are just as bad in Texas as they are in California, only Fox News won’t show that. The claim is misleading at best.

And on it goes, when the lawless are often freed without being punished.

What’s going on? We have crime with no punishment. Leftist prosecutors, district attorneys, and judges are letting many criminals go with a slap on the wrist, if that. Recently a career criminal who tried to run over his wife with a car in Wisconsin was released on a mere $1000 bail—only to purposely drive into a Christmas parade two days later killing six and injuring 62.

Some of those magistrates (including the prosecutor who let the parade killer out) have been elected with money pouring in from George Soros, an atheist who wants to see America (his adopted country) brought down several pegs.

I interviewed Rabbi Daniel Lapin, founder of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, for our D. James Kennedy Ministries television special on Soros.

The rabbi told our viewers, “There’s no question that Soros money and Soros-inspired money is flowing into the crowds busy smashing plate glass windows in the cities of Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and in cities everywhere else around the country.”

As Tucker Carlson of Fox News has pointed out, as quoted in Newsweek: "[Soros’] latest area of focus is criminal justice. From Texas to Philadelphia [and] the state of Virginia, Soros has reportedly spent millions of dollars backing candidates for District Attorney, for prosecutor. Once elected, these candidates…have ended cash bail, treated felonies like misdemeanors, and sometimes ignored some crimes entirely."

Rabbi Lapin adds, “Does he want chaos in the streets? Absolutely, that always been the dream of the revolutionaries. It’s always been the fervent desire of those who understand that in order to rebuild society, you first of all have to destroy what is.”

The founders of America were very concerned about order in society.

What’s happening in America today with our crime wave is bad anthropology run amok. Biblical anthropology asserts that man is sinful and crimes need to be punished. Bad anthropology, like that espoused by Marxists, asserts that man is basically good---but that it’s society or structures are bad and need to be torn down. Instead, the theory goes, we will rebuild these structures to be more just, affirming the goodness of man. We see the results now being carried out by coddled criminals on the streets.

What horrors Marxism has unleashed on planet earth. Yet it continues to exert its demonic influence. These magistrates,, many funded by the George Soros the Marxist, are among the latest examples.

And we all suffer---especially the poorest among us---who lack stronger security measures.

The founders of America showed a better way to live in a controlled society, with liberty under the rule of law. How much better that is than the chaos that so many leftist elitists try to unleash on the rest of us.

Why has this craziness and chaos come about?

The United States has a spiritual problem. No, not merely a “cultural” one. We have lost the sense of morality that our early founders cherished and that enabled our nation to grow and prosper. Now our founders are demeaned and canceled, much like what is happening to devout Christians. A moral vacuum has been created. It has been filled with craziness and uncertainty.

For those seeking a solution…my concern is that we have to reach bottom before we recover. 

My pessimistic prediction:  Things will get a lot worse before they get better.

My advice to all who agree we are on the wrong path:  Stay faithful to your Christian beliefs and act on your faith.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Progressive Insurance: “Don’t become your parents”…

Where to start with this one.

First off, Progressive Insurance lives its namesake:  Progressive.  Politically progressive.

And political progressives believe in change.  They also dislike the past.  They like to rewrite history to show that what we were taught was wrong.

They dislike tradition.  They dislike historical figures, including their statues.

They even dislike parents because they carry on past traditions and values.  Past traditions and values are not good in the mind of Progressive.

Of course, Progressive’s marketing gurus are telling them to focus on this younger demographic.  So they do what typical, run-of-the-mill progressives and leftists do best:  Divide, demean, and antagonize to get their desired results.  In the case of Progressive, they do it for profit.

Here is one among many examples of Progressive’s divisive “anti-parent” commercials:

The Federal government, Department of Education, public schools, and now corporate America are all doing their level best to turn our children against their parents. Parents who believe it is their responsibility to determine what their kids should and should not be taught are called “domestic terrorists” by school boards and federal government agencies.

Progressive Insurance itself should be labeled a domestic terrorist organization – spending millions in advertising to rip apart the social fabric, the family structure, of our nation.

You say “what’s there to worry about? It’s only fun advertising?”  But the not so subtle message is there.  Every age group that views TV views these ads – not just the 25 to 45 demographic targeted by the ads.  The age 5 to 18 that watch TV with their parents get the message.  Why spend millions if their ads are not effective?

The leftist playbook:  Disconnect the children from their parents, their values, their heritage and traditions and you can control them for life.

Don’t parents have a tough enough time raising decent kids without a major US corporation spending millions on what is basically political propaganda to diminish their value in the eyes of their kids?

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Advantages of paying attention…

A FOX news headline this morning got my attention:


Video: Flash Mob Of 60 Teens Loot Philadelphia Walgreens - James L. Paris -  Christian Financial Advice

The article is about how retailers are bearing the fruits of their misguided wokeness in supporting the side that is destroying their businesses.

You can’t blame them.  They’re busy.  They have been single-mindedly focused on maintaining and growing their business.  Most have not had the time or forethought to cultivate a 360 degree perspective of what’s going on around them.

Consequently they have been exposed ONLY to the primary, force-fed sources of news and opinion from the main stream government propaganda outlets.

Retailers aren’t the only segment of our economy and workplace to be fuddled and misled by the narrow alternate reality check offered by the likes of ABC News and their fellow travelers.

Here is the short list of the various segments of our society, what they are fed by the media, the reality of the situation, and the consequence of their deception:


These folks got on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon early on –donating millions to that “shoot yourself in the foot” cause -  immediately after the first criminal said he couldn’t breath. The realities are that BLM is a communist organization, and the “I can’t breath” guy was a criminal with a rap sheet, resisted arrest, was high on drugs, and the cops did what they were trained to do.  Unfortunately for the cops they were in the world of instant video, shocking the snowflake masses into observing for the first time what effective police work involved – thus the politically correct court verdict.  Retailers also got on the “defund the police” bandwagon as well, while supporting their local socialist politicians. 

The consequence of all of these boondoggle retailer “great awakenings” was and is unbridled shoplifting, looting, smash and grabs, and locust-like flash mobs wiping out their inventories.  Cops are nowhere to be seen.  Can you blame them?  Would you want YOUR cop son to be accused of a hate crime for doing his job?  Me neither.

Doctors and Nurses

Bless their hearts.  These are the most compassionate of this group.  They save  lives.  They expose themselves to horrible disease.  They are highly educated and continue devoting time to keeping up in their profession.  Consequently, their view of the world is also quite narrow.  They must focus on the sources of medical information that are the lowest hanging fruit to keep up.  And unfortunately, the source of that fruit is the often wrong, conflicted of interest, government medical propagandist, the good doctor Fauci himself.  Again, these fine folks have little time to consider the broader alternative views on the topic of COVID and related matters that may be even more effective than what they allow themselves to learn from their single source.

The consequence in my experience and research is that doctors generally are either out of the COVID loop altogether, do not recognize, never mind provide, alternate treatments, or go to extremes in their concern or lack thereof about the disease.

Schools, school boards, teachers and their unions

Let’s face it.  Public schools are an arm of federal government. As such, they are required to carry out federal Department of Education policies in spite of school boards being local. And those federal government policies are now suppressing even the expression of opinions of local parents, calling them “domestic terrorists” in a few instances. 

Many of us thought it was bad enough several decades ago when prayer and the pledge were removed from the classroom.  But now: No more American history, no more patriotism, no more civics, no more discipline. The new priority topics are gender studies, why “white man” is bad, why our founders were racist, and why our nation is evil.  The greatest destructive achievement is establishing the lowest common denominator of testing and behavior so that no one’s feeling are hurt.  Is it any wonder why we have school shootings?  No, it’s not the guns.  It’s government policy.


The military is now also deep in the ditches of “don’t offend anyone,” a priority higher than having an effective fighting force or even winning.  Standards of physical fitness have been reduced in some elements of the military to accommodate women.  Gays are in the same quarters as their sexually oriented opposites.  What could possibly go wrong?

But not only must we accommodate every soldiers perverted whims, we must not offend the enemy.  Don’t let them see the holy books of our predominant religion – they might be offended.  Honor our enemies traditions and beliefs so we don’t offend them.  Don’t fire until fired upon and related insane ROE. News flash:  We are not simply guests in our enemies nation.  We should not have to follow the adage “when in Rome do as the Romans do” when we there as enemy combatants.  We are there to win, not make them love us.

Could these foolish military policies have anything to do with why we haven’t won a war since WW2?  You betcha. 

Entertainers and Sports Stars:

These are the “wokest” of all.  Entertainers are the “artsy fartsies” that are all emotion and no substance.  Sports jocks are the “tough guys” that influence the rest of the gullible.  Both of these groups are so deep in their trade and feelings that they wouldn’t feel a gerbil crawling up anywhere. Yet they spout their ignorance as if they know something.

Unfortunately, these are the personalities the masses look up to the most -  even more so than the main stream media.

The consequence of this corner of public ignorance is destructive voting patterns and and politicians who pander to this ignorance.

Media:  The great majority of media, both news and entertainment, promotes socialism, globalism, immoral cultural values, and racism. These traits are revealed by their negative spin applied to conservative points of view, their portrayal of race and gender, and the absence of conservative content in their programming. In short, they are the conduit and mouthpiece for government policy.

Why is this the case? Lack of diversity in corporate media ownership and management. Virtually all media, ABC/Disney, CBS, NBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, and many in high levels of government, are related by blood or marriage.  Most have a common political agenda:  Usually socialist globalist, and anti-religionist, especially anti-Christian.  Nepotism rules the day.

The consequence is a biased, leftist-driven news source viewed by the majority of Americans.  We become what we consume.  And in this case, what we consumed is destroying our nation.

All these groups are so embedded in their professions, trades, and profits that they don’t have time or refuse to see broader perspectives.

That is an advantage that some of  us have:  The advantage of time to view the broader world and broader perspectives. We look at not just CNN or FOX, but Russia Today, Breitbart, China Daily, Taiwan News, Ukraine National News, religious sites, and dozens of others. We are not locked into the leftist agenda-driven nepotism of the prevailing media and culture.

I wish more of us had the advantage of paying attention.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Leftist mayors promote affirmative action for criminals…

What are some of the guiding thoughts of criminals and the indolent?  Here are a few:

* I deserve what I can get

* Society “owes” it to me

* It’s someone else’s fault

* “They” made me do it

* Others deserve whatever I do to them

* Screw society; screw the white man’s/rich man’s laws; screw the pigs.

And here is Chicago’s “esteemed” leftist mayor, Lori, blaming retailers for her city’s crime wave:

"We also got to push retailers," she said during a Dec. 6 event. "I'm disappointed that they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority. For example, we still have retailers that won't institute plans like having security officers in their stores, making sure that they've got cameras that are actually operational, locking up their merchandise at night. Chaining high-end bags, these purses seem to be something that is attracting a lot of attention on these organized retail theft units."  From FOX.

She, in essence, has the same mentality as the criminal:  Looting and stealing is someone else’s fault; the retailers made them do it.  Blame someone else instead of the criminal.Blame Others | Blaming others, Blame, Motivation

Leftists are morally weak beings.  They can’t control their own behaviors so they transfer their own weaknesses on to others.

The Islamic culture is much the same with regard to their doctrine of gender relations.  In instances of rape, the woman is always wrong.  The woman didn’t have her Burka on.  Her ankle was showing – what else could I do? They practice a doctrine of “no personal responsibility – let emotions run their course.”

Lori-the-panderer-of-criminals would probably blame the rape victim if she had to choose. She doesn’t even have the moral fortitude to decide her correct gender.

I submit that every leftist mayor of every city, large or small, mostly large, consciously or unconsciously, applies an “affirmative action” lens on how they view crime in their cities.

They remove all moral and civic responsibility from the criminal.  They believe the criminal is a “victim” of society.  They believe society owes them a break. They believe “someone else” made them do what they do.  That “someone else” might be a retailer or an attractive woman or a cop. It’s always someone else’s fault.  Affirmative action for them: Reduce enforcement, reduce bonds, reduce jail.  They’re “not responsible” for what they did. 

This helps explain the riots and looting, the promotion of Black Lives Matter (a communist organization), defunding police, catch and release, low or no bonds, and all the rest of the insanity coming from these destroyers of civilization. 

On top of that, they tend to demonize anyone promoting patriotism, law and order, and charging, convicting, and locking up criminals.  INSANE!

The old work song has morphed from..

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go…


I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go…


You owe, you owe, its off to loot we go.

Put a rap beat to that and it’ll be a hit.

Thursday, December 09, 2021

Tale of two police-involved shootings…

Some will find the following comparison requires a bit of nuance – but the differences are clear:

In the first instance, an off duty police officer, Amber Guyger, was headed for what she thought was her apartment – but it was not. The door was apparently unlocked. She entered.  She saw a strange man. He was on his sofa eating ice cream at the time of her entry.   She said she felt her life was threatened. She shot and killed him.

She was convicted in a Dallas court of murder. HERE is more detail.

In the second instance, an on duty police officer, Kim Potter, was present during a traffic stop. The officers at the scene learned that Duante Wright, the driver, had an outstanding warrant for a weapons violation.  Officer Potter approached and attempted to arrest him, warning “I’ll tase you.” He attempted to flee in his vehicle “…with a police officer (Potter) dangling from his car…".  She unintentionally shot and killed him after grabbing the wrong weapon.

She is charged with manslaughter.

While I hate to see anyone charged with murder or manslaughter for what is in reality an honest, but careless mistake, I see a clear distinction between these two cases.

In the first instance, neither a criminal nor an attempted escape was involved.  There was pure innocence on the part of the deceased.  The police officer’s carelessness or mistake was not provoked by a “heat of the moment” attempted escape by a known criminal.  While the shooting was a mistake, it was intentional, careless, and unprovoked.

In the second instance, a known criminal attempted to escape during an attempted apprehension.  A jury should find the police officer “not guilty” even if she did intentionally shoot. The man was attempting to escape arrest and endangered the officer’s life in the process. The shooting was clearly provoked by the actions of a criminal.

If the Minnesota jury finds this officer guilty and I was a cop in that state, I would hasten my way to a state that had greater respect for law enforcement and the rule of law. HERE is more detail on this case.

See more regarding rights of police in apprehending a fleeing felon:

Use of Deadly Force in the Arrest Process - LSU Law Digital …

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Omicron fear porn update…

As of November 6th, 2021, the mainstream news media continues to report, without evidence, that Omicron poses a grave risk to life and limb.  We all might DIE.

They continue to urge everyone to get vaxed and boosted.

Yet the latest info out of Britain suggests several things about Omicron:

  • More than half of Omicron cases in the UK are among the fully vaxed
  • No one has died or even been hospitalized with Omicron, whether vaxed or unvaxed.

The takeaways:

  • Omicron is a mild version of COVID
  • COVID, overall, is waning
  • The media continues to hype fear porn
  • Backlash against heavy-handed government action relative to COVID will continue and possibly worsen in many nations.
  • This all makes many wonder whether the population has developed an unhealthy phobia about getting sick from ANYTHING.  The government is promoting this mentality.