Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Old White Man’s Guide to Loony Leftist Lingo…

Presented below is a short list of terms used in today’s political and social discourse.  Several are new.  Several are twisted. But, as my favorite meaningless phrase goes:  It is what it is.


Antifa: 1) A figment of the imagination of anyone to the right of Pelosi. 2) An idea which supernaturally destroys democrat-run  cities.

Atheist: 1) One who believes humans created God. 2) Anyone who hates the concept of ‘morality’ or any authority figure. 3) One who foolishly believes he can prove the non-existence of anything; see ‘Soros’, below.

Basement dweller vs. Super-spreader: Basement dweller = Biden supporter; Super-spreader = Trump supporter.

Biden-Harris: Act 2 of the saga of Obama’s trojan horse of socialism/communism.

Bigot: Anyone who disapproves of anything, especially if they disagree with a leftist.

Cancel culture: Slander and ridicule leftist individuals, corporations and media impose on anyone who disagrees with their woke words or actions. This often results in loss of jobs, reputation, or social media access of the “cancelled” individual.

Evangelicals for Biden: An offshoot of Christianity that is as devout as Muslims who disavow Muhammad and terrorism.

Gay: 1) Any person who isn’t happy with normal sex; most often defended by the woke (see below). 2) Any person happiest being a pervert.

Gay marriage: See “Marriage.”

Judge: 1) What leftists and atheists ignorant of the Bible say we should never do. 2) A person democrats insist we should not appoint until a democrat becomes president.

Hater: Anyone who disapproves of anything, especially if they disagree with a snowflake.

Homophobe: Anyone who expresses a preference for sexual morality.

Islamophobe: Anyone who accurately explains the truth about Islam.

A ‘Karen’: A ditzy, makeup/hair/nails/shoes/purse-obsessed clueless, gossipy, emotion-driven woman, usually also a woke snowflake who abhors mansplaining.

Leftist:  Anyone who isn’t a Nazi.

Macho: The behavior of any man who isn’t gay or a snowflake.

Mansplaining: The act of a man giving his opinion about anything to a woman.

Marriage: A spiritual or legal binding of two or more of anything.

Meme: A labeling of an idea one wishes to discredit.

Misogyny: The disrespect or hatred of women practiced by all men.

Misandry: The disrespect or hatred of men practiced by absolutely no women.

Nazi: Anyone to the right of Pelosi.

Person of color: Pejorative racist label de jure to distinguish non-whites from Caucasians who apparently have no color. Replaces Negro, Blackie, Colored, Colored Person, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle-easterner, among others. This term is valid until persons of color become offended by it.

Politically correct:  What this list isn’t.

Presidential polls:  Survey results intended to influence and sway people more than reflect reality.

Racist: Any action of persons of no color toward a person of color. It is impossible for this term to be used in reverse.

Sexist: Any discourse or action of a male directed toward a female. It is impossible for this to occur the other way around. Syn: Misandry

Sexual preference: A phrase forbidden by the woke who claim sexual perversion is not a choice but abortion should be.  Amy Barrett’s usage of the term  forbidden by Senator Hiron (D-Hawaii). Biden’s usage not questioned.

Snowflake: Anyone easily offended by or fearful of anyone to their political right.  This term generally applies to leftists and most college students.

Soros: 1) The revolutionary’s favorite atheist moneyman. 2) Beelzebub (2 Kings 1:2–3, 6, 16; Matthew 12:25-28) known as “Lord of the flies” and “demon.”

Systemic racism: 1) Obama fans calling anyone who criticized his policies a “racist.” 2) The media calling police “racist” for arresting a black criminal. 3) A law enforcement officer attempting to detain a black person resisting arrest.

Toxic masculinity: The perception by snowflakes of the behavior of male homophobes (see homophobe definition above).

White privilege: 1) The benefits enjoyed by persons of no color condemned by the woke. 2) The mere existence of people of no color.

Woke:  1) Fake, pretentious caring by leftists based on Black slang “woke” for “awake”; 2) A person full of crap. Example of woke snowflake school administrator: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/federal-court-rules-against-louisiana-high-school-after-painting-over-students-trump

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